Generating Listings in a Low Inventory Market

Generating Listings in a Low Inventory Market


When a real estate market can be low on inventory and high on competition, generating listings can be a challenge. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to stay ahead of the game and use the best strategies to get the listings you need. Here are some ideas to help you generate more listings in a challenging market.

Tap into Your Network

Your network is one of your most valuable resources when it comes to generating listings in a low inventory market. Reach out to past clients, family, friends, and colleagues who may have heard of someone wanting to sell their home or may even be interested themselves. Connecting with people within your own circle can help kick-start your listing generation process.

Make Yourself Visible

Making yourself visible means putting yourself out there both online and offline. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to promote yourself and let people know that you’re looking for listings. Additionally, advertise on local radio or television stations where potential sellers will see your message. You can also join different real estate groups in order to stay up-to-date on industry trends and connect with other agents who may have leads for you.

Build Relationships with Other Agents

Building relationships with other agents is another great way to generate listings in a low inventory market. These relationships can open doors for you that would otherwise not be available if you were working alone. Consider joining an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) team where all members share leads amongst each other or create referral partnerships with other agents who specialize in different areas of real estate. By forming these strategic relationships, everyone benefits by having more business opportunities available at their fingertips.


Generating listings in a low inventory market may seem like an uphill battle but there are plenty of strategies that can help you find success. Tap into your network, make yourself visible both online and offline, and build relationships with other agents are just some of the ways that you can bring new business opportunities into your portfolio. Being proactive about getting out there and taking advantage of any lead generation opportunities that come your way is key – so don’t shy away from getting creative!

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