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Common Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid When Closing a Real Estate Deal

Common Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid When Closing a Real Estate Deal


Negotiation is an integral part of every successful real estate deal. This is the stage where you and your client can hammer out contract terms and conditions, agree on a fair price, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Even seasoned real estate professionals may find the negotiation stage to be intimidating, but with practice and preparation, you can master the art of negotiating. One way to get better at the negotiation process is to learn from others’ mistakes. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most common negotiation mistakes to avoid when closing on a real estate deal.

  1. Allowing Emotions to Get in the Way

The negotiation process can trigger strong emotions that can cloud your judgment and impair your ability to make well-informed decisions. For example, if a buyer makes a lowball offer, it’s natural to feel frustrated, but letting your emotions get in the way can lead to a lost deal. Similarly, a seller might think their property is worth more than what the market is willing to pay. A canny seller won’t let their emotions sway them from staying within market standards. Whether you are representing a buyer or seller, it’s crucial to remain professional, focused, and calm throughout the negotiation process. Embrace your advantages, but stay relaxed and focused on the endgame.

  1. Not Being Prepared

To negotiate successfully, you need to be informed and prepared to support your arguments with facts. Before entering any negotiation, you should research market trends, be familiar with comparable sales in the area, and understand the condition of the property you are negotiating for. When you are equipped with the necessary information, you can present a compelling case and support your position with facts and solid evidence.

  1. Being Inflexible

Negotiation is all about give and take, so being inflexible might end up ruining the deal. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on. It’s possible to stand firm on certain non-negotiable items, such as deadlines, deposits, or financing conditions, but being open to discussion on other conditions may improve the overall outcome for both parties.

  1. Failing to Listen

An often-overlooked negotiation skill is the art of listening. It’s not enough to present your case, and then wait for the other party to respond. You must also listen to their concerns, needs, and desires. When you actively listen, you have a better understanding of what’s motivating the other side. You may discover you can reach a mutually beneficial agreement if you can meet their priorities and concerns.

  1. Seeking the Perfect Deal

Finally, it’s important to avoid chasing the perfect deal. When representing your client, it can be easy to get lost in the details or specifics, looking for the most advantageous terms possible. But in doing so, you may lose sight of the bigger picture and end up losing an otherwise good deal. In some cases, a small compromise can lead to a more successful and sustainable final agreement, which benefits both parties in the long run.


Negotiations can be tricky, even for seasoned professionals in the real estate industry. By knowing the most common negotiation mistakes to avoid, you can enter the contract negotiation stage well-prepared and confident. Ensure your preparation includes an understanding of market trends and comparable sales, know what is and isn’t negotiable, remain professional, focused and calm throughout the process, keep an open mind and actively listen to your clients’ needs. Remember, negotiation is often a give and take process, and minor compromises can result in a successful and sustainable final agreement. Avoid these common negotiation mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of the art of negotiation.

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